获得完成perfect is just as important as any other part of your project. Here are all of the resources you need to choose the right finish, solve finishing problems, make sanding easier, and more!

■ Stains

There is a dizzying array of choices for wood stains. Learn about the different types and applications so you can choose the right stain for your project.

■ Sanding

Learn about sanding technique, different methods of sanding and how you can avoid common mistakes.

■ Types of Finishes

Learn about the myriad of finishes available to woodworkers; their composition, application and more.

■ Finishing Techniques

Brush up on your finishing know-how, including how to choose and apply a finish, the chemistry behind the process and more.

■ Finishing Problems

How to identify and fix common finishing problems as well as learn best practices to avoid mistakes in the future.

Finishing Products

Perfect your finishing technique with advice and instruction from the experts.

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■ Flexner on Finishing

Author Bob Flexner has been a contributing editor toPopular Woodworking Magazinefor more than a decade, and is among the most respected experts on wood finishing and refinishing.

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