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A while back Yoav wrote about theadvantages of using a portable power station在户外跑小工具。反对的人stantly frustrated by extension cords (just how do they get so tangled?) I immediately understood the appeal. I recently picked up an EcoFlow DELTA 2 portable power station and found out for myself how useful it could be.

The DELTA 2 is a higher-capacity power station than the one Yoav was using — 1800W vs 500W which opened up some opportunities to use some higher power tools. It has a surge output of 2700W, to allow for an inrush current when an electric device is turned on (Yoav’s article goes into more detail about this). So what does that mean in actual use? The DETLA 2 will run an electric chain saw or miter saw no problem for example, but still isn’t quite powerful enough to run a job site table saw to it’s full capacity. You’ll want to calculate the watts of the tool you’re using by multiplying voltage by amps to find how much power your motor requires to operate if you can’t find the wattage requirement on the label. There are safety features in place to make sure you don’t damage the battery, so if your tool seems underpowered, it probably means that you’re asking too much of the power supply.

The other advantage of the larger size was longer runtime. I used the EcoFlow when building a new vegetable garden in my yard a few weeks ago, recharging batteries for the various tools I was using. Later in the afternoon as the temps crept up I plugged a fan into it, (which is an idea I highly recommend by the way) and at the end of the day the battery was still around 90%. I also took it on 5-day camping/overlanding trip and had 25% juice left at the end. The power station can be charged via standard wall outlet, car outlet, or with solar panels if you’re really looking to stretch that capacity when you’re off the grid. EcoFlow promises 3000 charge cycles to 80+% capacity from the LiFePO4 battery, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth over the lifetime of the device.

The tradeoffs for this extra power are pretty small — it’s not the most compact power supply out there, nor the lightest at 27lbs. But it features convenient carrying handles front and rear, and the extra capacity (and sheer number of outlets, depending on your needs) makes it worth it in my opinion.

The other tradeoff is price, and $999 the EcoFlow DELTA 2 isn’t a cheap investment. But it’s not a one-trick pony either. In addition to being useful while woodworking or camping, you could put it in a garden shed to power lights, or use it at the Saturday afternoon tailgate party. It can also come in handy during a blackout as an emergency power supply to run your fridge, or paired with an extra battery to back up your entire house. With this much flexibility, plus the anticipated lifespan, it’s definitely money well spent for me.

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