Padded Nappa Leather

Among a lot of high end handbags and a lot of Miu Miu bags, this lovely blue padded Miu Miu is truly something that stands out. Maybe it’s the colour, maybe it’s the smoothness and high quality of the leather it’s made of, or maybe it’s both, but the handbag is definitely a winner even for something that can be so unique and pretty hard to pair up with other clothes. But it’s elegant, and has a very royal touch to it. There are also two other models in brown tones for those who want something a bit classier.

padded miu miu 1

Those who want to stand out usually choose accessories that are more colorful, playful and dynamic; this particular handbag will certainly provide that sense of uniqueness for women who are different and want to show that to the world. A blue handbag with a smooth style will certainly provide you with that unique touch that your outfit needs. You will show the world that not only you are not afraid to accessorize with crazy collars but you are comfortable to look different.

padded miu miu 2

The handbag is made with soft padded nappa leather, which makes it comfortable and extremely nice to wear. It has cotton padding with machine stitched decorative pattern as well as a flap closure with a snap-lock clasp.

padded miu miu 3

padded miu miu 4

The lovely polished gold hardware will definitely provide you with the glamorous feel you need to take this handbag to more select occasions. Being a small handbag it is an excellent addition to an outfit that is very elegant. It definitely doesn’t allow for many items to be carried but it has enough room to carry your important essential items such as your keys, phone, agenda and a wallet. There are also a few small inside zip pockets and open pockets so that you can make sure that you keep everything well stored inside and easy to reach. The metal lettering logo on the outside provides people with the information that you are carrying a designer bag without being too ostentatious and giving the feeling that you are trying to show off. There is a Mouflon leather lining that makes the handbag even more durable and comfortable to touch. The 60 cm polished gold chain shoulder strap gives it an exquisite feeling and makes this handbag as elegant as it gets so it can be paired with your favorite most luxurious dresses.