Nappa Leather Tote

There’s no accessory more important than an elegant handbag and the importance of such item can only be understood by the true fashionistas. Your handbag has the potential to change your entire outfit and to make you stand out, but unfortunately, most of the time it’s pretty hard to find that perfect accessory that will complete your outfit in the loveliest manner. Fortunately, Miu Miu has managed to create one, the Nappa Leather Tote bag. This lovely handbag comes in a classy colour with simple lines and a design that is just great to pair up with the most elegant of outfits. It works amazing with an office wear or something more serious, but it can also be a great match for more casual attire. But what really makes this handbag special is its neat and very smooth look; the shiny leather, with the little accents makes it a subtle choice for a woman who wants to show that she knows how to be elegant but doesn’t want to show off. But let’s see other elements that certainly make it such a unique accessory.

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With a reasonable size, 10.8 inches with 13.8 inches, the handbag is an exceptional accessory for those who want something that will work well with your need to carry things with you. This is why it becomes a great handbag for women working in an office who need to have a lot of items with them. The bag is made with nappa leather and comes with a few biker details – a perfect mix for that rebel in you. It has a lovely diamond shaped and ribbed quilting that makes it an interesting pick for a casual night out as well as something more elegant. There’s a zipper closure so that you can keep your essential secure and the metal lettering logo on the outside shows the world that you are wearing a lovely Miu Miu bag. Inside you will find a zip pocket and a cell phone pocket so that your important items are kept safe inside and tightly secured. You can easily transform this Nappa Leather Tote either by having it on your shoulder or by using the detachable strap for a more comfortable carry, whatever you choose, you will love the fact that you can easily change it according to the occasion you are attending. The Nappa Leather Tote is a handbag that works like a chameleon, has a fusion with whatever you are wearing and completes your outfit.