Nappa Biker Top Handle

This stunning Tote bag by Miu Miu is a real piece of art as it combines the functionality of a large bag with the beautiful design and clever small elements of a statement purse. The Nappa Bikerbag is a beautiful accessory piece that can work with just about any outfit, regardless of the occasion. You can wear it on a daily basis to your work place as long as there is no strict dress code set in place. You can also wear during day to day tasks such as going to the doctor, to the supermarket or any similar appointments or you can wear it while you have a lovely stroll through the park.

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This charming bag has a simple black color with few contrasting elements such as the zipper or the lettering. It is made from black nappa leather and has a number of interesting biker details on its façade. Its exterior pattern elevates the bag from a boring black bag to an interesting accessory that can work with a large number of outfits. It has diamond shaped patterns as well as ribbed quilting.

Nappa Biker Top Handle 2

The snap closure is located in the center of the bag and is hidden to keep a sleek and stylish look without changing much of the leather appearance. The little hardware that is visible on the bag is polished gold, creating a spectacular contrast with the black nappa leather and an easy to accessorize black/gold color scheme.

The Miu Miu logo on the exterior of the bag is one of the brand’s most recognized design patterns. The metal letters have a polished gold finish. They are small in relation to the bag, so they can’t be considered tasteless or an eye sore when it comes to the overall design.

Nappa Biker Top Handle 3

The inside of the bag has the same nappa leather, only this time in red to create a beautiful and strong contrast with the exterior. It also comes with a useful zip pocket for efficient storage and a cellphone pocket that can protect your tech, be it a smartphone or a tablet, from any unnecessary damage.

Nappa Biker Top Handle 4

The shoulder strap on this beautiful bag has a length of 105 cm, but can be adjusted in order to perfectly fit customers of all heights and body shapes. The shoulder strap is also detachable, making this bag even more versatile than it already was.

The bag is large to carry around anything you might need throughout the day. Its measurements are 9.8 inches in length, 8.9 inches in height and a depth of 7.1 inches.