Miu Miu Tote 2014

This amazing Miu Miu Tote model is a great way to mix your daily needs with an amazingly functional bag that sports a clever and beautiful design. This bag is one of the most versatile in the collection and can be worn to just about any occasion as long as it is not too formal. You can wear it while you do your daily chores like dropping kids off to school, going to the supermarket, or other similar tasks. The bag can also be worn while out on a date with your significant other, or while having lunch with friends. You can also accessorize it with more formal attire and wear it to your workplace.

2014 tote 1

The bag is made from soft calf leather and has a reverse assembly. This gives it an amazing build quality as well as more durability and a great overall feel. Its manufacturing press involved raw cutting with piping in different color that creates a charming contrast you will absolutely love.

2014 tote 2

For additional storage this large leather bag also boasts an outside pocket that has a rear zipper included. You can store objects that you need quick access too like spare change, your metro card or similar items. The tubular handles are slim and provide with a great grip without appearing too thick and overpowering the overall design of the bag.

2014 tote 3

The inside of this bag shows the same build and material quality as the exterior, particularly thanks to the Mouflon leather lining. It has ample storage space that has been cleverly compartmentalized in order to provide as much space in which to store your belongings effectively and securely. The bag has two inside zip pockets as well as a number of open pockets for keys or makeup. All inside zippers have leather covered pulls, a small but significant detail when it comes to comfort and design.

2014 tote 4

The entire bag is closed by a snap lock clasp in order to provide easy access to the interior. The bottom feet are embossed with the brand’s logo and are connected with several x shaped seamings.

The entire bag’s hardware is decorated in a semi-glossy golden finish providing a cool, urban contrast with the dark leather. The Miu Miu brand is represented on the exterior in small metal lettering. The measurements of this large bag are 14.6 inches in length, 11.4 inches in height and 7.5 inches in depth.