Miu Miu Hobo

Sometimes you just need a handbag that would work well with anything and has the potential to become your most prized accessory. It is obvious that this Miu Miu Hobo has this potential: with its simple design created with colours that go well with everything, the soft and high quality leather or the way it manages to complement even the craziest outfits. You will absolutely love the green accent that really makes this handbag stand out.

Miu Miu Hobo 1

This is what specialists would call “an amazing first date bag” just because this elegant accessory is an incredible way to make sure that your chic dress stands out. Even more, this handbag will give you the confidence you need to impress anyone and make sure that you get to experience how it is to be truly elegant. It has been made with softest nappa- effect calf leather, which means that it is extremely comfortable to wear and will probably last for years before it shows the slightest sign of wear. It also has a two way zipper closure with small inside zip pockets and open pockets so that you keep those essential items you have to carry with you tightly secured.

Miu Miu Hobo 3

 For those looking for a roomy handbag, this is definitely not it, but this handbag is made for more elegant attires, definitely not something that allows you to carry too much. However, as mentioned earlier, it can be a perfect date bag but also a work bag depending on the work you are doing, especially if you don’t need to carry files with you at your job. It has some outside pockets but they are there more for the interesting effect rather than functionality.

Miu Miu Hobo 2

You will love the gold hardware and since it’s semi glossy you don’t have to worry about the handbag standing out too much and making you look like a show off. There’s also the classic metal lettering logo on the outside and the Mouflon leather lining that adds even more glamour to this amazing handbag.

Another interesting detail that will surely make you want to have it even more is the amazing detachable 55 cm leather shoulder strap which can transform this handbag from a simple casual wear to something you can even take with you at a gala. Due to its small size the handbag can simply go from a casual style handbag to a more glamorous style one, which makes it exceptional for those who don’t have the time to change much between events.