Matelassé Nappa Leather

Simple and classy, this lovely black leather handbag is what you need to make sure that you stay as elegant as it gets. And when you were thinking where you can find such a great handbag, Miu Miu delivers. The lovely Matelasse Nappa Leather handbag in black is just a superb addition to any wardrobe. It is a three pocket bag which means you can securely carry your essentials and make sure that you have everything compartmented. The center compartment is a two way zipper and a snap closure along with a leather zipper pull. Inside you will also find a zip pocket and a cell phone pocket so that everything of value should be kept secure.

Matelasse Nappa Leather 1

The handbag has two golden zipper accents on the front part giving it a very chic look as well as a metal lettering logo on the outside. But what makes this handbag so popular is the fact that it is roomy enough so that you can carry a lot of things but not bulky to take away from the elegant look it provides. You will absolutely love the detachable 95 cm shoulder strap. The handbag is also very comfortable to carry as the leather used is extremely light.

Matelasse Nappa Leather 2

A handbag that works with most outfits and it’s a perfect choice for every season; the Miu Miu Matelasse Nappa Leather in black is definitely a good decision when looking for something that will keep you from buying extra handbags for different types of outfits. This way you will get a classy accessory and make sure that you keep your spending to a minimum. Also, its size makes it appropriate for almost any event, whether it is a business meeting or a casual meeting with friends.

Matelasse Nappa Leather 3

You have probably noticed the smooth and very soft leather on the handbag but don’t be fooled by the softness; the handbag is of high quality which means it will be extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry too much about scratches or things that may alter its condition.

Matelasse Nappa Leather 4

So, if you are debating to get this bag or not you will be extremely pleased to hear that it is probably the best decision in terms of accessories you will ever make. The reasons are pretty simple: it’s classy, which means you won’t need anything extra for the rest of the season, it’s durable and it has an extremely chic appearance.