Large Tote

This large Tote Bag by famous handbag designer Miu Miu really manages to strike a chord in people that love well-crafted and stylish products that are also functional. The large Tote is extremely similar to the smaller model in the range but has better functionality due to the increased size.

Like its smaller “sister” bag it can be worn to just about any sort of occasion and event and is an extremely versatile accessory, one that can work with any type of outfit. You can graciously wear this bag for work or other daily chores such as going to the market, going shopping or even on an evening out with your significant other or friends. Due to the bag’s clever and beautiful design and high functionality it won’t look out of place regardless of the event as long as it is not too formal.

Miu Miu Tote 1

The main material for this large tote bag is matelassé nappa leather. It offers a pleasant texture and a sturdy quality to the bag, while also assuring that it will be durable, regardless of how much wear and tear you subject it to. The high quality hardware is also a great addition to the overall look, color scheme and durability of the bag.

Miu Miu Tote 2

This larger model is a three pocket bag that can fit a lot of your possessions. The center compartment is ideal for more delicate items as it has a two-way zipper and also a snap closure. It will keep your items safe and well organized. The bag also has a leather zipper pull, facilitating easier use without compromising the overall look of the bag with unnecessary additions. This large bag is ideal as you can use it to carry your tablet, small notebook or any other book or similar gadget.

Miu Miu Tote 3

Like almost every model from Miu Miu this tote bag has the brands lettering in metal set on the exterior. Its size is modest in order to not interfere with the overall aspect of the exterior. The interior of is also lined with nappa black leather providing additional sturdiness and durability.

Miu Miu Tote 4

The shoulder strap is detachable adding to the versatility of the bag. The strap has a length of 95 cm and is adjustable in order to provide a comfortable fit to any height or body type. The measurements of this large tote bag are 12.2 inches in length 10 inches in height and a depth of 7.9 inches.