Hobo Cloud Bag

The Hobo Clould Miu Miu first impresses people with its amazing colour as it manages to offer a delicate touch to any dress or outfit. The peachy colour is very feminine and a great choice for any type dress, be it darker in colour or of a lighter shade. What makes this lovely Hobo unique is it’s his soft and very neutral tone as well as the smaller size that allows people to use it as a great accessory for evening wear.

Hobo Cloud Miu Miu 1

The handbag has been made with soft calf nappa effect leather and comes with a two way zipper closure and inside zip pockets as well as open pockets. It may not fit a lot of items but it certainly keeps them well secured. The lovely semi glossy gold hardware is made with the best materials offering extended durability to the bag; it also makes your whole look more noticeable without being too much. The bag’s dimensions are also very functional making it a small enough handbag to take it to more elegant events but not too small to be taken during casual encounters. The bag’s dimensions are as following: a length of 20.9 and a height of 12.6 inches. It also has a lovely Mouflon leather lining and the detachable 55 cm shoulder strap makes it an extremely versatile accessory as you can completely transform it from a casual handbag to something more elegant.

Hobo Cloud Miu Miu 2

Hobo Cloud Miu Miu 3

What makes this particular handbag a good choice for all those fashionistas out there is the fact that the color is classy without being black or white, the popular colours considered classy. So you can have something unique that still goes well with all your outfits because it’s a more neutral colour. Another reason why you should totally get this handbag is the fact that its size makes it a great choice for those who like to attend a lot of elegant events but also like to have fun while wearing a more smart-casual attire. This means that the handbag can be exactly that touch of elegance you need in order to obtain a great overall look.

Miu Miu has managed to take elegant accessories to a whole new level by creating this wonderful, simple and sleek handbag that surely everyone will love. However, don’t be too worried that it’s simple, its amazing lines and design as well as the opulent hardware will surely make it stand out.