Denim Biker Tote

This statement tote bag designed by Miu Miu is one of the most stunning bags in their collection. The design combines the high quality, navy blue denim with a lot of golden rings to create an almost see-through bag that is both beautiful as well as extremely useful.

The bag was designed to attract attention, and you definitely will, not just due to the renowned brand but also because of the daring design. The matelassé denim bag offers a uniquely urban look, one that can work with just about any outfit and at any sort of event as long as it isn’t too formal.

Denim Biker Tote 1

The beautifully patterned denim creates a sharp contrast between the perfectly space golden rings that make up much of the bags exterior. The bag comes with two black tubular leather handles that are perfectly proportioned in order to not alter the overall design. They are also made from sturdy black leather that allows a great grip.  The handles work perfectly with the 105 cm shoulder strap as they are both made from the same resistant black leather. The strap is adjustable to suit any height or body type. It can also be completely detached from the bag giving it extra versatility.

Denim Biker Tote 2

The bag is large; allowing you to carry just about anything you would need throughout the day. It is comprised of three pockets. The central compartment has a two way zipper as well as a snap closure for extra safety. This way you can carry even the most fragile objects in complete safety from any bumps or scratches. Among other interior elements this charming navy blue denim bag also has an inside zip pocket as well as a cellphone pocket, ideal for protecting your expensive smartphone from any unnecessary wear and tear.

Denim Biker Tote 3

The Miu Miu logo is present on the exterior of the bag. It is represented in metal letters with a gold semi-glossy finishing. It goes perfectly with the rest of the hardware of the bag, particularly the wealth of golden rings that give the bag much of its character.

Denim Biker Tote 4

While it may seem like a less practical bag due to the interesting design and see through nature clients will find that this denim biker tote is just as functional as it is beautiful.

The measurements of the bag read as follows: a length of 9.8 inches, a height of 8.7 inches and a depth of 7.1 inches.