Crystal Clutch

This lovely clutch bag by Miu Miu is one of the most daring models in their latest collection. The stunning bag is a testament to the high level of craftsmanship and high quality design that this amazing fashion brand stands for.

This clutch model is ideal to wear to social events like a new club opening or a fashionable event like the premiere of a movie or a perfume. It can work great with a glamorous outfit as long as it doesn’t try to pull off an over elegant look. It is a great bag to wear to a party, regardless of the novelty of theme of the party.

Crystal Miu Miu Clutch 1

The bag is made from high quality Nappa leather assuring that your new accessory will be durable, sturdy and look great even after numerous uses. The bag has an interesting exterior texture that makes it extremely easy to accessorize with any outfit. It contains high quality metal stud embellishments that add to the durability factor. The bag’s grommets are applied by hand assuring uniqueness to each model.

Crystal Miu Miu Clutch 2

The bag has a drawstring closure assuring that its interior is easily accessible at all-time regardless of where you are. Whether you are driving, on the bus or in a crowded elevator, you will be able to open your bag quickly and easily. The inside of this lovely Miu Miu clutch bag is spacious allowing you to story everything you would need on a night out partying.

Crystal Miu Miu Clutch 3

The inside zip pocket is an ideal place to store your more delicate or fragile possessions as it offers more protection. The inside also comes with a cellphone pocket that will help keep your expensive smartphone or tablet safe from any unnecessary scratches.

Crystal Miu Miu Clutch 4

The hardware of the bag has a palladium finish, adding extra durability and an interesting look. The lining of the bag is made from eco-friendly feather nylon. The nylon is extremely strong but also has a pleasant feel to it. The shoulder strap has a length of 155 cm but can be adjusted to best fit anyone regardless of their height or body type. The bag’s dimensions are the following: a length of 5.9 inches, a height of 6.7 inches and a depth of 3.9 inches.