There’s a reason women love jewelry so much – a carefully chosen pair of earrings or a gorgeous bracelet can make a woman stand out, complement her outfit or draw attention to a feature. When you’re wearing some colorful earrings, everyone will inevitably look at your face and admire your eyes!

There’s a whole art of choosing the right accessories for every outfit and here are five basic rules that will help you avoid making a faux-pas.

No more than three large accessories

Men wonder why women spend such a long time getting ready. Well, it’s not easy when you have boxes full of jewelry and you have to decide which to wear. The rule is very clear. You can only wear three large accessories with any given outfit. Four at the very most and only if you cannot resist. And make sure they match or are made from the same materials.

The reason is simple. A large piece of jewelry catches the eye naturally, but when there are several of them they create confusion and you end up looking like a Christmas tree.

Colorful clothes dont go with eye-catching accessories

Maybe you’re a cheerful person and you like to surround yourself with bright colors. As far as your outfit is concerned you have to choose. If you want to wear a dress with a floral print you cannot accessorize it with equally colorful earrings and bracelets. For a refined look, choose jewelry to match one of the colors in the print, preferably, but not necessarily the dominant one.

Or you can wear an outfit in neutral colors and accessorize it with eye-catching accessories. It all depends on what you want to put the emphasis on.

Full sets of large accessories are a big no-no

There’s a hot controversy surrounding jewelry sets. Should your earrings be part of the same set as your necklace and your bracelet? That depends! Most fashionistas say that if you have a set of small pieces of jewelry that’s perfectly OK.

However, when we’re talking about large pieces, the answer is No! Stay away from large sets as they tend to drown out the rest of your outfit. It’s too much for the eye and, frankly, a bit boring. Plus, you don’t want too look like great-aunt Edna!

Dress for the occasion

Whenever you buy some new jewelry decide where you can wear it. A pair of large pink earrings is not what you should be wearing at the office, especially if you work in an environment where formal outfits are the norm. That doesn’t mean you cannot wear any jewelry. On the contrary, accessorize a formal skirt and suit attire with some delicate earrings and, perhaps, an understated bracelet with your lucky gemstones.

The same goes for men who have earned their right to wear jewelry. A thin metal or leather bracelet barely showing under the business suit is perfectly acceptable and quite fashionable.

Create optical illusions

Just as you can use an impressive piece of jewelry to attract attention to one of your best features, you can play with your jewelry to distract attention from a certain part of your body.

Women who are a bit self-conscious about their big bust, can use a long necklace to disguise it by drawing attention to the vertical line rather then the horizontal. At the same time, a small bust can look fuller if you wear several necklaces of various length.

When you’re finally ready to leave the house, remember that the famous Coco Channel often cautioned against over-accessorizing. Look in the mirror and take one item of jewelry off, as hard as that may be. Less is more!